Premium Ute Canopies

Innovative. Secure. Compatible.

Aluminium Ute Canopies

Dual Cab from $5,480

Small Canopy from $3,900

At Tong Metal, we understand the importance of durability and functionality in automotive accessories. That’s why we specialise in designing and manufacturing premium aluminium ute canopies starting from $3,900.

Ute canopies are an excellent way to maximise the storage capabilities of tray back utes. They have multiple applications for tradespeople, leisure and touring. Our Australian-made ute canopies are constructed from premium marine-grade aluminium, ensuring quality and longevity.

Canopies are available in two types: bolt-down, which usually remains on the vehicle for extended periods, and jack-off, which can be easily removed and stored on legs to free up your vehicle for other tasks. These canopies are not just additions to your vehicle — they are investments in the efficiency and security of your work equipment.

Any enquiries please email [email protected] and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Australian Made
Designed and manufactured at our Brisbane factory.

Extended 10-year Structural Warranty
We have confidence in the quality and workmanship of our Premium Ute Canopies. Our confidence is backed by a 10-year structural warranty for our Premium Ute Canopies against faulty workmanship.

Engineered with Quality Materials for Strength
Because our premium canopies are designed and built to last, we choose only premium grade materials for construction.  Marine grade aluminium (series 5,000) is the optimal material for Ute canopies. This material is lightweight and structurally robust. Our canopies typically weigh between 150-200kgs.

Choice of Finish
Our premium canopies are constructed around a framework of extruded aluminium tubular section, welded, and wrapped in a skin of aluminium. We offer a choice of checker plate, mill plate, or our signature dimple plate as the external finish to your premium canopy.

Choice of Designs
What are your storage requirements? You can choose from a selection of standard designs for dual, space, or single cab utes, or request a custom design to suit your storage and transport needs. Standard or custom design, we will build you a premium canopy that is lightweight without compromise.

Roof Top Capacity
The roof is specifically designed for load bearing applications like roof top tents, ladders, building supplies and tinnies.



Vehicle Model Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
Dual Cab 1800 1840 900
Space Cab 2100 1840 900
Single Cab 2400 1840 900
STD CANOPY FEATURES: Sealed aluminium floor, Secure 3 point locking, Greasable hinges welded securely into position, Dual gutter system, and Structural aluminium extrusion frame.

Note: Coaming Rail Allowances

Individual trays vary significantly in design from manufacturer to manufacturer. Elements of the tray design that vary include: dimensions, manufactured materials, and assembly techniques. For example, the majority of trays built from aluminium or steel will include a coaming rail down each side of the tray.

The primary purpose of the coaming rail is to provide assembled strength to the tray.  Commonly seen in aluminium trays, are coaming rails that are angular in shape.

The Tong camper is designed to include the coaming rail notch on each side of the camper. This ensures that the camper will suit the majority of Ute trays fitted to 4 wheel drive vehicles.

The term “Marine Grade” is a commonly quoted by aluminium manufacturers.  The term “Marine Grade” refers to a grade of metal that is used underwater or in wet environments. Special metals or special metal alloys may be necessary to prevent the material from failing under these conditions. To be considered a marine grade, the material must be able to resist corrosive effects that are common in a water environment.

Checker Plate
2mm marine grade 5 bar checker plate (5052)

Mill Finish
2.5mm marine grade mill finish (5005) flat sheet

Dimple Plate
2mm marine grade dimple plate (5005)

Ask about combining external materials, e.g., checker plate canopy with mill finish doors for vinyl wrapping or advertising.

Advanced 3-point Locking System

The 3-point locking system used by Tong Metal in their Premium Canopy range is designed to improve the strength and security of your canopy and in particular, against theft. The Whale-tail Locks can be upgraded for central locking.

There are several elements to the 3-point system:

  1. Tubular RHS alloy frame bonded to the door skin
  2. Quality Whale-tail locks with covered key way
  3. Two pushrod lock rollers are driven from the central lock
  4. Pushrod guides to hold the pushrod secure and firm
  5. Position adjustable gas struts
  6. Rainwater deflecting vinyl curtain and gutter
  7. Pinchweld rubber door seals to restrict the entry of dust and water

There are two possible fitment methods available to secure your canopy to your vehicle tray: 1) Bolt Down System, and 2) Quick Release System. Bolt down system is a universal system that is suited to all vehicles. This system uses four M10 heavy-duty bolts to attach the canopy directly to the vehicle tray.

The other system of fitment is the Quick Release System developed by Tong Metal primarily to attach Tong canopies to Tong Trays. In around 85% of cases, this system can also be adapted to securing Tong canopies to trays from other manufacturers’. Compatibility with other manufacturers trays can only be confirmed by sight inspection on the day of fitment. 

Canopies attached to vehicles when used for any off-road or 4-wheel driving activity MUST have the canopy bolted to the Tray using 4 x M10 bolts and washers. Failure to bolt down the canopy will void the canopy warranty.

fitment-1-s1e2 Heavy Duty M10 Bolts and Plate:
Recommended for off-road 4×4 use on surfaces other than smooth graded tracks.
fitment-2-s1e1 Quick Release System:
Designed to quickly lock your canopy down to your vehicle tray using off center latches. One latch for each corner of the canopy is supplied and fitted.

Please Note: Not all trays are compatible with this system. Tray analysis required.

Jackoff System

(1) Canopy Mounted on Jacks; (2) Top of Jack with Jack Handle Attached ; (3) Canopy to Jack Support Arm; (4) Quick Release System – Tray Attachment Latch

There is no need to permanently attach a canopy. Depending on the type of tray fitted to your vehicle, your canopy can be attached with removable bolts or for faster removal, the Tong “Quick Release System”.

A jack-off-system enabled canopy, allows you to multipurpose your vehicle. The jack-off system combines the purpose-designed jack off canopy with a structural reinforced floor frame. Using a set of purpose-designed Jacks; you can lift your canopy off your vehicle tray. The vehicle can then be driven out from under the canopy. The canopy can be securely stored on the jacks until required and then easily remounted onto your tray.

Jack off System Components (each sold separately)

This is our most popular choice for a roof rack. Strong and lightweight design. Awning and rooftop tent compatible. Equipped with load guides.

Extended Roof Rack
An over-cabin extension of 700mm. An excellent choice for tradesperson for extension ladders, storm water pipes, or other longer material.

Unistrut Rack
Universal channel is a low profile system excellent for fixing accessories. Unistrut is available in 2 lengths attached to the roof of your canopy.

No Roof Rack
For customers that do not intend to add a roof rack or will bolt an existing roof rack to the canopy.

Fridge Compartment

Fridge Compartment Package

A simple design with a compartment that can house an Upright Refrigerator or Chest Refrigerator and Refrigerator Slide combination. In this design, the Refrigerator is protected from the movement of other items stored in the canopy.

Fridge Compartment

Package Weight 10-12kg

Trade Boss Package

As the name implies, this package is for the tradesperson requiring a range of storage solutions bundled into one convenient package.




Package Weight 25-30kg

Two Draw Deluxe Package

Sometimes you just need a couple of big, solid draws, and a decent shelf to store heavy items or tools. If so, the Two Draw Deluxe Package is just what you need.




Fridge Compartment

Package Weight 45-55kg

Nomad Package

Are you a nomadic adventurer, a tradesperson, or both? The Nomad Package combines a lightweight, robust and ergonomically design canopy, with ample storage, shelves, and a folding bench (885(W) x 440(D) mm). There is even a space for your fridge.


Passenger Side Folding Bench (885(W) x 440(D)mm)

Passenger Side Storage 

Fridge Compartment

The driver’s side storage

Package Weight: 25-35kg

Canine Package

If you require the creature comforts for you and your 4-legged friends, then this option is for you.

Configure your canopy build and make room for your dog with the Canine Package. Now you can take your 4-legged companion(s) on your adventures. Alternatively, the dog compartment is an excellent storage compartment for items you wish to keep separate from inside your canopy (e.g., fuel, wetsuits or hiking/work boots).


Dog Compartment

Dog Compartment

Package Weight 25-30kg

You can enhance your canopy with a range of options to suit your needs.

1. Drop Down Ladder
For easy access to the load on top of your canopy. The drop-down ladder is located on the driver’s side rear of the canopy.

2. Spare Wheel Mount
Spare tyres for your trip are a handy addition, mount one or two on the rear of your canopy.

3. Jerry Can Holder
Do you need to carry extra water? Add a Jerry Can Holder for additional storage to the rear of your canopy.

Dual Jerry Can Holder
If one Jerry Can is not enough, add two with the Dual Jerry Can Holder.

Note: Not all options can be combined – call Tong Metal Pty Ltd on (07) 3256 9633 and ask if you need help.

Canopy Rear Door Options​
Full Rear Door Need additional access to the rear of your canopy, add a full-width rear door.
Half Rear Door Need additional access to the rear of your canopy, add a half-width rear door.
Not compatible with any rear-mounted accessories.

Canopy Window Options
Fixed Window Let in the light. Add a fixed window in clear to the front and rear of your canopy or 31% light grey to the rear of your canopy.
Sliding Window Let in the light and airflow. Add a sliding window in clear or 31% light grey to the rear of your canopy.

You can enhance the look of your canopy camper with the option to have it powder coated.

Please Note: On average powder coating will add approximately 2 weeks to your expected delivery time; this may vary due to peak business periods.


Canopies for a very longtime have essentially been a mobile storage solution. Occasionally, they have been equipped with a dual battery system to provide power for an onboard chest refrigerator and canopy lights. For remote work applications such as construction where power tools were required, a generator was stored in the canopy,

In recent years, battery-powered tools suitable for the construction industry have been developed. We now see battery power in a wide range of tools from construction to landscaping and beyond; all powered by batteries. How do you keep your tool batteries at full charge while on the move?

At Tong Metal we have created four solutions to meet your canopy electrical needs.

*Electrical components shown in picture may differ from
current electrical system build.

Canopy Explorer System

The Tong canopy, Explorer System includes everything required for a comprehensive 12volt dual battery system: LED lights and 12 volt power using a 100 Amp Hour Lithium Battery. An Anderson Solar Connector is also provided.

Products and Components:

System Weight: Approximately 42Kg (Battery Approx. 12Kg)

*Electrical components shown in picture may differ from
current electrical system build.

Canopy Trade Power System

The Tong canopy, Trade Power System takes the comprehensive 12volt dual battery system to the next level: more lights and more power using a 125 Amp Hour Lithium Battery. This system also includes a battery monitor plus an Anderson solar connector.

Products and Components:

System Weight: Approximately 73Kg (Battery Approx. 15.5Kg)

*Electrical components shown in picture may differ from
current electrical system build.

Canopy Adventurer System

You want even more power; the Adventurer System is what you need. This ultimate system includes a 200 amp hour Lithium battery, a 2,000w inverter, and 200 watt solar panel. With this system, you can use the power of the sun to keep your tool batteries charged. And if you need to pull out the appliances, you have 2,000 watts of 240 volt sine wave power at your fingertips.

Security: Now all this power and your tools are expensive and need to be kept secure. So we have included security and safety into the Adventurer System; you also get central locking and open door alarm.

The Electrical Component

The Security Components

System Weight: 55KG

Canopy Electrical Options

Additional Lighting
If you add additional doors to your canopy you may wish to consider the addition of additional lights. There are two options available:

Fixed Solar Panel (SP-EN100W)
You have installed either the Canopy Dual Battery or Trade Power System and would like to add a matched fixed solar panel. The Enerdrive standalone, fixed solar panel is the solution. The panel can be installed onto the roof of your canopy and wired into your DC2DC charger.

Door Open Alarms
Almost weekly we see a canopy returned with a damaged door; the door was left open when the vehicle was moved and the door has caught a tree, post, wall or similar object. We can replace damaged doors, but the best option is to prevent the accident from occurring. We now have available an “Open Door” alarm system. If you leave a canopy door open and turn on the vehicle ignition, a loud alarm will be triggered to remind you to stop and close the door.

Central Locking Security
The introduction by Tong Metal of the 3 point locking system including framed doors significantly increased the security of the Tong toolboxes and canopies. This new design toolboxes and canopies make them highly suited to central locking.

Central Locking Features

Additional Options

premium canopy

Invest in a ute canopy from Tong Metal — your trusted Australian-owned and operated business

Explore our range of aluminium ute canopies at Tong Metal and find the perfect match for your professional needs. An aluminium ute canopy from Tong Metal is more than just a vehicle accessory — it’s a crucial part of your professional toolkit. Designed for durability and built with the finest materials, our ute canopies promise to enhance your vehicle’s functionality and appearance.

Embrace the blend of style, security and efficiency with Tong Metal and turn your utility vehicle into a strategic asset. If you have any questions about our product range or clearance items, contact our team, who will gladly assist you. We also offer tailor-made financial plans to suit your needs.

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