Powdercoat Overview

You can enhance the look of your canopy with the option to have it powder coated.

Please Note: On average powder coating will add approximately 2 weeks to your expected delivery time; this may vary due to peak business periods.

Powder Coat vs Automotive Paint

Powder coating comes in a range of colours. However, colour matching to exactly match your vehicle colour is rarely possible.

For white Landcruiser 79 series utes (2011-present) It is possible to achieve a close match with the colour code (058).

For other vehicles, we offer a broad selection of colours to choose from based on your personal preference.

Neutral colours such as Antique Silver or Satin Black are popular colour choices because they compliment other dark components on the vehicle such as the tyres, bullbar, window tint, and other accessories. 

To achieve an exact match would require an automotive spray painter to apply automotive paint to your project. This can be a very costly exercise and a service that we do not offer.

Weld Penetration Marks

Weld penetration marks are an expected part of aluminium welding and sheet metal fabrication. They are not a product defect. Please be aware that gloss and metallic powder coat colours, when applied to mill finish aluminium material, will highlight these marks. Checker and dimple plate visually mask/hide the weld penetration.

Through our manufacturing process we aim to reduce/eliminate weld penetration marks, but it is extremely difficult given the “handmade” nature of our product. Where possible, we bond rather than weld door frames and rear panel. We recommend the use of powder coat colours such as Antique Silver to help achieve optical flatness.

Powder Coating Colour and Finish

There are two distinctive colour palettes that we offer. We have chosen these colours because of the nature of the material to be powder coated. Flat surfaces such as Mill Finish in combination with Gloss and Semi-Gloss paint are more likely to show any variation in the surface texture caused by weld penetration or other manufacturing processes.

The use of Hammertone, Ripple, or Matte powdercoat has the distinct advantage of concealing these variations due to their textured finish.

Powder Coating Colour Selection

Mill Finished Surfaces:

Powder Coating Colour Selection

Dimple Plate or Checker Plate Surfaces:

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