Aluminum Ute Trays

Ute Trays

from $5,775

Premium aluminium
Corrosive resistant and Rust Free 

Superior carrying capacity
(Vehicle Payload) Compared with Steel Designs

Industry leading design
Superior strength to weight ratio and long-term durability

Tong ute trays are Australian Made and are built tough to endure work or play on all terrains. Built entirely from aluminium to reduce weight, the 4mm thick, seam-welded tray deck is supported by 100mm H x 50mm W x 6.35mm TH x 7.9mm TW Chassis Rails and subframe. Included in every tray are the signature Tong 10 liter integrated water tank, the ladder-rack tray adapter, and Maxi LED Lights.

Weight: 120KG – 150kg 

Heavy Duty Tray Sides


Weight (28kg)

Rear Ladder Rack


Weight (8kg)

Flush Mount Tie Down Points


Weight: 1kg

Internal Headboard Water Tank


Concealed Headboard Water Tank


Weight: 8kg

Rear Under Tray Drawer


Weight: 43kg

You can enhance the look of your tray with the option to have it powder coated.

Please Note: On average powder coating will add approximately 2 weeks to your expected delivery time; this may vary due to peak business periods.


We take great pride in ensuring that your vehicle tray fits securely, is highly functional, and looks aesthetically pleasing.
Due to variances between vehicle components and designs, some tray components cannot be manufactured before receipt of your vehicle.
Depending on your vehicle make and model, it will take 2 to 3 days to fit your vehicle tray. The process may include removal of the tub, disconnecting or camera and sensors, fitting your Tong Tray and reinstalling camera and sensors.

Carry More

The premium blend of aluminium extrusion and sheet metal used in the construction of our designs, result in a robust heavy duty ute tray that can handle all conditions and will last the test of time. The welded aluminium construction reduces unnecessary and damaging weight often associated with steel trays, without sacrificing strength or durability. It’s a simple Payload and GVM equations: The less your tray weighs the more payload your vehicle has available to carry.

Corrosive Resistant

Unlike their steel counterparts, Tong aluminium ute trays are completely rust free and corrosion resistant, making them the perfect addition to any beach going vehicle! Tong trays are designed with a flat deck to allow for easy cleaning and minimal areas for salt and sand to hide. Our ute trays have been tested in all conditions, from the bush to the beach, Cape York to the Canning Stock route and everywhere in between!

Premium Materials

All aluminium used in the construction of Tong Trays is locally sourced from leading local suppliers. Unlike Steel Ute Trays, painting or powder coating is not essential for weather-proofing because the aluminium won’t rust long term. This not only saves you money but also means the tray will last longer, with less maintenance in harsh conditions. The trays look great uncoated and are easy to maintain however, powder coating can also be organised to give your tray a certain aesthetic appearance.

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