Important Considerations Prior To Ordering

Delivery Date for your Camper

Please be aware

Clear Communication
There are lots of variables to consider regarding the fabrication of your slide on camper. We do everything within our power to keep you updated as your order progresses. Email is our preferred mode of communication channel. It creates a clear paper trail of information helping to remove the chance of miscommunication or oversights.

Fair and Logical Production Schedule
The campers are fabricated in a logical order based on your deposit date. We believe this is the fairest system for everyone involved. We will not reshuffle or alter our schedule if you offer extra payments.

Booking Trips, Holidays and Accommodation
We strongly advise not to pre-book holidays or take time off work before a collection date has been confirmed. We do not want our customers to be financially out of pocket or inconvenienced.

Powder Coating

Please Be Aware: 
The powder coating service is outsourced to a leading local supplier in order to achieve an industry standard coating. Due to the outsourcing, this process usually adds 2 weeks to standard production time, however, this can fluctuate at peak business periods.

Your Order Requirements
We strongly recommend considering all of the available options before placing your order. Once your order is placed and your deposit received, you will be provided with a set of drawings for you to confirm. Once production starts, changes and/or additions to your order are not usually possible. Email communication of changes is our preference to avoid miscommunication.

GVM, Kerb Weight & Payload

Know your Vehicle GVM and Payload
Knowing your vehicles GVM, Kerb Weight and Payload is essential knowledge required before ordering a slide on camper. If you are concerned that your vehicle may be over capacity after listing all your requirements, you will need to consult a company that provides GVM upgrades.

Weights We Can Provide:

Weights You Will Need To Know:

For More information Visit our Slide on Campers Buyers Guide.

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