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ute canopy

Slide-On Campers Buyers Guide

Slide On Campers: 6 Factors You Must Know

  1. Suspension and GVM Upgrades
  2. Correct Weight Distribution
  3. Different Construction Methods and Materials
  4. Tray Back Campers, Slide On campers, Ute Campers?
  5. Outback Off Road Tough?
  6. Trip Planning and Equipment Guide
  7. The Benefits Of Slide On / Tray Back Campers

Ute Tray Construction Guide

5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Ute Tray

  1. Aluminium Vs Steel Construction?
  2. Intended Application? Trade, Touring or 4 Wheel Driving?
  3. Realistic Budget – Value For Money
  4. Vehicle Compatibility: GVM and Pay Load Capacity
  5. Aesthetics and Design Goals
ute canopy
ute canopy

Tray-Back Ute Canopy Buyers Guide

5 Essential Considerations - Before Purchasing a Canopy

  1. Material and Construction Method 
  2. Tray Size and Optional Features 
  3. Budget – How Much Do You Want to Spend? 
  4. Warranty and Off Road Durability 
  5. Quality Accessories and Locking Components 
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