Electrical Package

Essential Electrical Package

$3496.25 Inc Gst

The Essentials Package includes everything required for a comprehensive 12volt system.

Products and Components

Package Weight: 50KG 

Off Grid Lithium Deluxe Electrical Package

Price: $9214.00 Inc Gst

The Deluxe Lithium Electrical Package is the pinnacle of 12 volt electrics. The combination of the latest in Lithium technology and the inclusion of a 2000 watt inverter means you can pack and use the luxuries of home no matter where you travel. You’ll be having an espresso coffee or cappuccino in the bush or on the beach in no time!

Products and Components

Package Weight: 75KG

Electrical Options

195 Watt Roof Mounted Solar Panel$499
Additional LED Touch Light 770mm$89
Add a second Amp Tech 120amp Hour Battery $499
1000w Enerdrive Inverter$819
2000w Enerdrive Inverter $1230
Dual HD Surface Mount USB – Location of your choice $99
Lithium Upgrade: Eneredrive 125 Amp Lithium Battery$1851
Lithium Upgrade: Eneredrive 200 Amp Lithium Battery$3000
Vehicle Wiring: To supply power from the vehicle to the Canopy / Camper $580
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