Design and Fabrication

Structural Framing

Australian Welding & Fabrication

100% Australian Made
All welding and fabrication are completed on-site start to finish! 

Industry Leading Design:
CNC Plasma Cut and CNC Folded to guarantee pinpoint accuracy and improved overall construction. 

Tig Welding
sheet metal for a stronger superior weld and improved aesthetics 

Mig Melded Structural Frame
Comes standard “Walk On Roof”

Weld-On Greaseable Hinges
No Piano hinges or leaky rivets! 

Optimised Standard Design

Proven Designs 
All the hard work has been complete! Our standard canopies are optimised based year of industry experience and testing to deliver designs that work in all condition and environments.

Proven Quality
Each year hundreds of Tong Metal Ute Canopies are fabricated for tradesman, the 4×4 and camping industries.

Tong Metal has a great buying power of materials, state of the art machinery and optimal production efficiency that translates to the fabrication of quality for a lot better value for money.

There are thousands of Tong Metal products on Australian roads that are relied upon daily for work and leisure  

We know what works,We have optimised our designs and fabrication techniques to deliver industry-leading quality and superior value. 

Three Point Locking System

Superior Access

Comprehensive Automotive Seals

Nylon Rollers and Rod Guides 

Industry Leading Security

Quality Checklist: Questions to Ask

Is the Canopy Australian Made?

What are the Warranties and Product Guarantees?

Are The Welding Methods Professional and Correct?

Are There Any Unfinished Sharp Edges or Corners?

Does the Canopy Have a Structural Frame?

Are they Field Tested in Australian Conditions?

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