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Innovative Design
Our Australian Made campers are constructed from premium marine grade aluminium, ensuring quality and longevity. Tong Metal Campers are compact, lightweight aluminium tray-back/ slide on campers that are designed to mount directly to an existing ute tray. The campers are designed to suit all tray sizes including dual cabs, space cabs and single cabs.

Innovative Design

Australian Made

Designed and manufactured at our Brisbane factory.

Extended 10-year Structural Warranty
We have confidence in the quality and workmanship of our Campers. Our confidence is backed by a 10-year structural warranty for our Campers against faulty workmanship.

Engineered with Quality Materials for Strength
Because our campers are designed and built to last, we choose only premium grade materials for construction. Marine grade aluminium (series 5,000) is the optimal material for campers. This material is lightweight and structurally robust. Our entry level campers typically weigh between 325-375kg.

Our campers are constructed around a framework of extruded aluminium tubular section, welded, and wrapped in a skin of aluminium. We offer our signature dimple plate as the external finish to your camper.

Z Roof Design
The curved rear wall of the camper creates more internal space in the rear of the camper due to the extended roof length. The Z Roof of the camper creates spacious sleeping quarters with plenty of headroom above your innerspring mattress. The additional windows facing 360 degrees capture the cooling breeze from every angle. Overall the camper has a distinctive and aesthetic design.

Curve Rear Wall and Access
The curved rear wall design improves access without compromising the lightweight, compact and aerodynamic profile. The innovative design improves access in and out of the bed particularly for couples. Curved rear stairs with handrails make entry and exiting the camper safe and easy.

Vehicle Compatibility
The camper is designed for use on 4-wheel drive vehicles and is available in a dual, space, or single cab version.

Note: Modification of the tray headboard might be required for other vehicles such as the Toyota Landcruiser (Please call to discuss).

Clean Camper
Camper Bed

The standard camper includes all the fundamentals required for your next camping expedition.

Available Options to Upgrade your Camper:

Available Camper Sizes

Vehicle Model Dual Cab Space Cab Single Cab
Length (mm) Camper Base 1800 2100 2400
Length (mm) Overall 3100 3100 3100
Width (mm) Above Coaming Rail Notch 1840 1840 1840
Height (mm) Closed 1370 1370 1370
Height (mm) Open 2350 2350 2350
Vehicle Model Length (mm) Camper Base Length (mm) Overall Width (mm) Above Coaming Rail Notch Height (mm) Closed Height (mm) Open
Dual Cab 1800 3100 1840 1370 2350
Space Cab 2100 3100 1840 1370 2350
Single Cab 2400 3100 1840 1370 2350

Note: Coaming Rail Allowances

Individual trays vary significantly in design from manufacturer to manufacturer. Elements of the tray design that vary include: dimensions, manufactured materials, and assembly techniques.  For example, the majority of trays built from aluminium and steel will include a coaming rail down each side of the tray.

The primary purpose of the coaming rail is to provide assembled strength to the tray.  Commonly seen in aluminium trays, are coaming rails that are angular in shape.

The Tong camper is designed to include the coaming rail notch on each side of the camper. This ensures that the camper fits the majority of 4 x 4 ute trays in the market.

Dimple Plate
2mm marine grade dimple plate (5052)

The Tong Camper is designed specifically for use with 4-wheel drive, tray-backed vehicles. By the nature of these vehicles, they are intended for off road use. The Tong Camper is attached to your vehicle tray using four M10 heavy duty bolts. This is the only system of attachment that is offered for the Tong Camper.

fitment-1-s1e2 Heavy Duty M10 Bolts and Plate:
Your camper will be attached to the Tray of your 4-wheel drive vehicle using 4 x M10 bolts.

The Jack-off System is supplied with your camper. The camper will be attached directly to the tray of your vehicle with 4 x M10 bolts, nuts and washers. This is the only method of attachment suitable for use with the camper when mounted on a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

A jack-off-system enabled camper, allows you to multipurpose your vehicle. The camper’s floor is structurally reinforced to support the weight of the camper while free-standing. To remove the camper you follow these simple steps:

  1. The 4 x M10 bolt sets are removed.
  2. The jack supports are then inserted into the camper and secured.
  3. One jack is attached to each jack support.
  4. The camper is lifted off your vehicle tray using the jacks.
  5. The vehicle is then driven out from under the camper.
  6. The camper is lowered to the lowest point of travel on the jacks.
  7. The camper is then securely stored on the jacks until required.
  8. To remount the camper, you follow the removal procedure in reverse.

Jack off System Components:

Camper awnings have become very popular. We offer Darche 270 degree Awning.

Product Features:

Includes Fitment

Weight: 19 – 25kg (Fitted with brackets)

You can enhance the look of your canopy camper with the option to have it powder coated.

Please Note: On average powder coating will add approximately 2 weeks to your expected delivery time; this may vary due to peak business periods.


Deluxe Internal Design

The Deluxe Internal Design is universal and fits all camper sizes. The Deluxe Internal Design aims to satisfy the 1st of 3 criteria requested by customers: A Functionally Comfortable Design.

Functionally Comfortable Design

Robust Light Weight Construction:

Strategic Weight Distribution:

Weight: 50 to 90 kg

Kitchen Design

The kitchen design for meal preparation aims to satisfy the 2nd of 3 criteria requested by customers: A Functionally, Light Weight Kitchen.

Most important criteria for the kitchen and meal preparation:

Kitchen included with Camper Deluxe Package:

Weight: 21 – 25kg

Refrigeration Options


Weight: 21 – 30kg

Camper Electrical Systems

The electrical system options aim to satisfy the 3rd of 3 criteria requested by customers: An Electrical System to Suit my Camping Needs

We offer three choices:

  1. Not Required,
  2. Basic Electrical System, or
  3. Advanced Electrical System

At the core of each system is a dual battery configuration; your vehicle battery and a camper battery. The systems use a Dual Battery Isolator (VSR) which allows the two batteries to be charged from your engine alternator at the same time. When your engine is on and the start battery is sufficiently charged, the camper battery is charged. The camper battery is connected to the VSR through an Andersen plug to facilitate the easy connect/disconnect of the camper from your vehicle.

*Electrical components shown in picture may differ from current electrical system build.

Basic Electrical System

The Basic Electrical System is designed to meet the minimal electrical requirements of a dual battery system with LED lights and 12-volt power using a 120 Amp Hour Lithium Battery.

Products and Components:

System Weight: approximately 48KG (Battery 35Kg)

*Electrical components shown in picture may differ from
current electrical system build.

Standard Electrical System

The Standard Electrical System takes the Basic Electrical System to the next level: more lights and more power using a 220 Amp Hour AGM Battery. This system also includes a 1,000 Watt Inverter, and Battery Monitor System.

Products and Components:

System Weight: 75KG

*Electrical components shown in picture may differ from current electrical system build.

Advanced Electrical System

The Advanced Electrical System is designed for those who want electrical self-sufficiency both at 12 volts and 240 volts. This system extends the power of the dual battery system and adds a 2,600 Watt inverter enabling a complete system for sustained off-grid use. The system also includes 175 Watt solar panel, Simarine Battery Monitor System plus an Anderson Solar Connector.

Products and Components:

System Weight: Approximately 56KG (Battery 25Kg, Solar Panel 12Kg)

What's Included?

The standard camper is supplied as an open unit, however, all the hard work has been completed and is ready and waiting to be fitted out. A number of optional features can also be arranged for your convenience. Please check the Optional Extras link on the Camper Models Page for pricing of all the optional features available.

Off Road Tough

Tong campers are designed with dedicated touring and 4×4 enthusiast in mind. The campers are built around a fully welded structural frame to handle the rugged terrain of your next adventure. Backed by a 10-year structural warranty and years of testing, these camper will get you to your end destination.

Less Setup, More Adventure

20 Second Setup and 30 Second Pack up. 
No Towing ✔️ 
Wind Off Jacks ✔️ 
Huge Storage ✔️

We have other options available.
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